Modul nostru de gândire


    Sun-Power's mission is to implement a sustainable supply and demand oriented policy in the agricultural and technical sectors, with honesty and respect as core values. This is realized by means of a transparent company policy and a common focus on the creation of the right work experience.


    In future, honest and respectful work is the most ordinary thing in the world. After all, it is about 'our common future'. In regard to this, Sun-Power wants to be a good example.  That means: good or bad news, Sun-Power is honest and does what it says, but expects the same kind of honesty  from its stakeholders in return. Treating everyone like you want to be treated: Sun-Power stands for honesty and respect.

    Together strong by honesty and respect:

    Holding up the mirror

    By reviewing each other ’s actions we grow together

    • Sun-Power informs about the current and future market development.
    • Sun-Power is committed to open and transparent communication.
    • Sun-Power values the experience of all parties. 

    Helpfulness; content and depth

    Because of the open communication we all think together. We always provide the right hand for the right job.

    • Sun-Power thinks along with new ideas.
    • Sun-Power offers good housing and transport.
    • Sun-Power ensures that the employee knows where he / she stands.

    From 'I' to 'WE’-philosophy

    We are here for each other.

    • We pay attention to both the similarities and the differences between people.
    • The similarities are what connect people.

    Triangle philosophy

    The focus is on the employee, the employment service agency and the client. We offer each other a helping hand. Many hands make light work, for the future are we, together.

    • All three parties will always treat each other respectfully.
    • Being together is more than just holding hands.