Our services

    Temporary posting and secondment

    Sun-Power works on getting the right person for the right job. The deployment of staff is possible in two different ways:

    Temporary posting

    An employee is employed on a flexible basis at a previously agreed rate. The number of hours per week is flexible, as is the duration of the work.

    This way the deployment is very flexible on an individual level. Both with a higher, but also with a lower demand  for staff  there is a possibility to up- or downgrade. This type of posting is ideal for businesses with seasonal highs and lows in demand for employees. Temporary workers can also be the solution for replacing absent employees due to  illness or maternity leave.


    An employee is employed on a permanent basis at an agreed rate. Prior to that, the duration, the number of hours per period and the fee have been defined.

    Secondment provides more security for both clients and employees, e.g. in replacing absentees due to illness or maternity leave. Secondment may also be used as an extended trial period to obtain more certainty about hiring the new colleague.


    Payroll is a form of temporary posting and secondment of employees at a lower rate, due to the fact that the client performs the recruitment itself.

    The payroll staff are contracted by Sun-Power. This keeps the client clear of administrative and legal duties in respect of the employees. Sun-Power provides these services.


    Sun-Power performs the recruitment and selection of employees. With our extensive network, we always find the right person. We do this entirely according to the (HR) strategy and objectives of the client. After recruiting the individuals, they will be contracted by the client.

    Finding the right talent is a time consuming task, we love to take care of, so you can concentrate on your core business.

    Facility services

    Sun-Power offers a good home and appropriate transportation for its employees.