A Cao (Collective Labour Agreement) is a set of agreements between the (representatives of) employers and (representatives of) employees in a particular industry or sector. The collective agreement is an addition to the individual employment contract  between the employer and employee. 

    What is embedded?

    In a CAO is defined what would normally also be in a contract. The labour contract frequently  refers to the CAO, for example about working hours, remuneration (pay scales), job evaluation system, working conditions and safety, etc. The CAO agreements are fixed, we cannot and should not deviate from this.

    It depends on the industry you work in, which CAO is applicable to you. In case your sector is not covered by a CAO, then we apply the ABU CAO (Collective Labour Agreement for temporary workers). 


    A CAO has a term of up to five years. At the end of the term the validity of the CAO ends and employers will start negotiating with employees about the agreement for a further period. Below you can download the most common CAO's we work with: