Working method

    To find the right candidate, we act according to the following plan.

    1. Inventory of needs

    We identify what you need and which service fits best with that. 

    2. Company visit

    We would like to talk to you and take a look at the company, in order to get a good idea how to fulfill the vacancy. 

    3. Development of a job profile

    A job profile needs to be developed. It describes the content of the job and the required knowledge, skills and personal qualities of the new employee. 

    4. Recruitment strategy

    We discuss which approach to use to search for the right candidate for your vacancy. 

    5. Job interview

    Based on the recruitment strategy we start talking to potential candidates. 

    6. The best candidate

    We introduce the best candidate to you and after some consecutive interviews within your organization the best candidate will be employed by your company.