Jolanda Heijmans

    "Sun-Power is a reliable partner for us. It's all about the details."

    As a Management & HR Assistant I am responsible for supporting the management and HRM at the Christiaens Group. We are proud of our company and our employees, and therefore spend a lot of energy at our people. Read here how I experience the collaboration with Sun-Power.

    The Christiaens family started in the early '60s with the construction of small tools and equipment for the vegetable growing industry. In the early ‘70s the first machine for the mushroom culture was produced. That way they ended up in the mushroom industry. Due to the global demand for turnkey solutions, a construction and installation company were acquired and eventually originated into the Christiaens Group.

    Now it is obvious that these steps have proved to be successful. Meanwhile the Christiaens Group, employing more than 100 people, is a world leader in creating solutions for mushroom farms but also for waste treatment and processing.

    What I consider important

    From my position, I think it is important to pay attention to your people, just as they do at Sun-Power. I think it is important to create a we-feeling within the organization; attention, training and development are important instruments here.

    In cooperation with an employment service agency communication should be your main focus. This means: making clear agreements and fulfilling promises. All that based on trust, of course.

    The collaboration with Sun-Power

    In 2014 there was an increasing need for welders and assemblers. Sun-Power could satisfy this need, both then and today. The collaboration with Sun-Power is pleasant and smooth. There is regular and good contact. But in case something occurs that needs immediate attention, the red Sun-Power car pulls up front in no time.

    The advantages of Sun-Power

    Sun-Power is quick, to-the-point, practical and thinks along with us. There are clear agreements about the tasks within the company and commitments are met. They select the right people for Christiaens, creating a healthy bond with our company. This makes Sun-Power a reliable partner.

    Besides being a steady supplier of welders and assemblers, Sun-Power has also proved to be a reliable partner in our quest for technical colleagues at MBO + and HBO level.

    Jolanda Heijmans evaluates the collaboration with Sun-Power with a 8.5, "because they definitely deserve it."