Ber Cox

    "For ten years I have been working with Sun-Power, because we can live up to our mutual agreements."

    My parents ran a pig farm with ajoining fields. It was a mixed farm, which was very common in earlier days. They grew amongst others strawberries and asparagus. Later my brother and I acquired the company and currently we specialize in glass strawberries. We collaborate with Sun-Power for ten years already, because we can live up to our mutual agreements. Read here how I experience the collaboration with Sun-Power.

    What I consider important

    Reliability is and remains important in any business. What I promise, I fulfil and the focus should be on the employee.

    The collaboration with Sun-Power

    Sun-Power is a flexible and reliable organization. A nice partner to work with. A triangular relationship has evolved. The focus is on employee, agency and client and ultimately all three parties must be satisfied.

    The advantages of Sun-Power

    We have a collaboration of ten years already, because we can live up to the our mutual agreements. There is relatively little contact, but when you need them, they are ready for you. Because of this reliable partnership, you can also assume that if you do not hear anything, everything goes well.

    Ber Cox assesses the cooperation with Sun-Power with a 7.5.