Recruitment bonus up to €1.000,- net


    Recruit a ‘Hands-on Foreman for Sun-Power and earn up to € 1.000,-!

    For one of her clients Sun-Power is looking for a motivated 'Hands-on Foreman’ with a passion for growing vegetables.

    Do you know an interesting candidate for this position?

    Please introduce him/her to us and after this person starts working for us, you may earn a considerable recruitment bonus.

    Recruitment bonus up to  € 1.000,- net

    If the recruiter is working for Sun-Power, the bonus can be paid as a net amount to you. Payment will proceed as follows:

    • € 250 net, as soon as the newly recruited employee worked 520 hours for Sun-Power;
    • Consequently every 520 worked hours by the new employee yield another € 250 net for the recruiter, considering a maximum of 4 bonuses in total (with a maximum of € 1.000,-/ 2080 worked hours).

    If the recruiter is not or no longer employed by Sun-Power, the amounts paid will be gross. Sun-Power has to register these payments with the Dutch tax authorities, which will be processed in the annual tax return.

    How to become eligible for the bonus

    It is quite simple: if you know a Hands-on Foremanwhich has not registered with Sun-Power before, then introduce him or her to Sun-Power through the registration form on our website and ‘like’ our social media: Facebookpage via ‘Sun-Power Horst’ and LinkedIn via ‘Sun-Power BV’. Always follow our social media platforms.

    Another option is that during the interview the recruited candidate mentions the fact that he/she was introduced to Sun-Power by a friend.

    The staff at Sun-Power’s recruitment department will keep track of the new employees and the bonus payments. Call us for more information on the rules and ask for a registration form. The number is (+31)(0)77-472 01 99; ask for Boy Rutten or Kasia Redwanz. Or send us an email at referring to ‘Recruitment bonus’.

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