Mariusz Bogdanski

    “The Dutch have a difficult language, but that does not hinder my love for the work. "

    Three years ago I came to the Netherlands to work here. I'm happy with my wife and son, even though they live in Poland. I am proud of my family and find their future the most important thing there is. That's why I came to the Netherlands. I would like to give them anything they’d like. Currently I'm really enjoying the Netherlands. The people are friendly and there's a nice buzz. I hope that ultimately I can build on our future with my family here. Find out here why I specifically chose for Sun-Power.

    Why Sun-Power

    I previously worked for other agencies, but there always were problems. When I came to Sun-Power they never disappointed me. They are always available, I find it a nice agency and have been working with them with great pleasure since 2013. They are concerned towards their employees. In short, I get energy from my work!

    Benefits of Sun-Power

    Sun-Power treat its workers with respect and that makes me happy. Sun-Power offers me clean and tidy accommodation. I appreciate that in a company. They always have work for me and I like that because I like to work. They are always available for me despite their busy schedule. Those five minutes of contact make sure I can move forward again.

    Mariusz Bogdansk evaluates the collaboration with Sun-Power with an 8.