Karolina Peplinska

    "Flowers, so small and special, give me so much energy."

    In Poland I finished my school after which I came to the Netherlands, purely out of curiosity. I work six days a week and in my spare time I like to be outside. I like to bike or walk, but also like to relax! Find out here why I chose specifically for Sun-Power.

    Why Sun-Power

    I came in contact with Sun-Power through a friend who also works at Sun-Power. Since June 2015 I have been spending my days mainly in the agricultural sector. Sun-Power treats me with respect and if there are problems they are quickly resolved. I enjoy going to my work and I feel happy when I work in the agricultural sector. I am proud of the opportunity that Sun-Power has given me.

    I came to the Netherlands out of curiosity and Sun-Power also made me a little curious. I feel at  home in the Netherlands, just like at Sun-Power. Everyone is very nice and there is a happy atmosphere.

    Benefits of Sun-Power

    Sun-Power arranged comfortable housing for me and daily transportation, so I am well-rested when going to work.

    I can always direct my questions to Sun-Power, even outside working hours and that gives me a secure feeling. They are really there for me. Each year Sun-Power organises a great party where all employees get together. That increases solidarity. Not least, Sun-Power pays its salaries on time.

    Karolina Pelpinska evaluates the collaboration with Sun-Power with an 8.