André Cornelissen

    "At Sun-Power I am not a number, but I really get noticed."

    I work in engineering. This means that I am usually engaged in the calculation of the passages of air. I focus mainly on the air treatment of mushroom cells. I study the growing process using the right equipment. My job as a project manager is challenging and fun because it involves working a lot with people. Through Sun-Power I found a job that suits me. Read here how I experience Sun-Power.

    The beginning of a new adventure

    After 10 years having served in the Navy, I started working in larger companies where I had  responsible jobs. After this, I was ready for a period of rest, but just as that started, I was approached by a recruitment agency. I really had no need for a job, but Sun-Power managed to convince me to come for an interview, after which quickly followed a second interview with my current employer, AEM BV. The process from interview to contract negotiations proceeded at an accelerated pace. Sun-Power has helped me to start in a job that is fun and fascinating.

    What I consider important

    I like solving problems. That is the challenge held out before me. It gives me energy that I can do something for someone. I can use my expertise at AEM BV and it makes me feel good that this is appreciated. I have a good relationship with the director, which I find pleasant. I also think it is important that an employment agency fulfills its commitments.

    Why Sun-Power

    There is a lot of openness and always a smooth and fast contact. They say what they stand for, believe in a no nonsense culture and they do as they say. E.g. I wanted to travel for my job as a project manager and Sun-Power has enabled that. We decided it together, as it should be. I experience working with Sun-Power as pleasant because of the many and quick contact moments. The relationship is open and cheerful, which gives me energy.

    Andre Cornelissen Sun-Power assesses with a true 8.