Frequently Asked Questions

    1. First time at Sun-Power

      The arrival of an employee is always confirmed by Sun-Power. Before coming to the Netherlands, each employee receives an email with living address,  work address, hourly wages, etc. Accommodation is available from the date of arrival indicated by Sun-Power. Before that date the worker has no right to use the accommodation. The employee needs to take care of his own transportation to  the Netherlands.

    2. Contract

      Sun-Power proposes a type of contract with hourly wages, taking into account the experience and skills of the employee.  An original copy of the contract will be given to the employee. The contract will be signed during a personal appointment.

    3. Bank account

      The employee is required to provide Sun-Power  a  correct and complete bank account number to which his/her salary will be transferred. Please give the name of the account holder, the SWIFT / IBAN number and  the name and address of the bank. Cash payments are not possible in our business. Transfers are made in Euro.

    4. BSN (SOFI) number

      This Dutch tax number is obligatory for every employee. Sun-Power will make an appointment at the authorities, after which the employee has to go in person to receive this number. Sun-Power will provide instructions how and where to get  this number.  Only in specific cases, set by Sun-Power only, it is possible to be accompanied by a coordinator.

    5. Health insurance

      When working under Dutch law, a Dutch health insurance is obligatory. Sun-Power offers a basic collective insurance for temporary migrant workers at a cost of € 27,95 net/week (rate 2022).  Individually insured employees are required to provide a copy of the health insurance card for the administration of Sun-Power.

    6. First payment

      The employee receives the first weekly payment after two weeks at the latest. Payments are made  on Friday. Sun-Power is not responsible for the duration of the transfer. On average national payments take 1 working day, international payments take 4 working days. Please bring enough money for the first two weeks (100 -150 euros).

    7. Accommodation

      At the request of the employee Sun-Power arranges accommodation for the duration of the labour contract.  Employees using Sun-Power accommodation are required to follow the house rules and the instruction of the coordinator. Sun-Power does not guarantee the availability of double rooms for couples, nor guarantees the possibility of living together with friends and siblings in the same room/location.

      Accommodation costs  in 2022 are € 88,90 gross/week, and include a bed, clothing closet, kitchen & laundry use, internet &  media availability.
      Sun-Power's working method is based on honesty and respect. Payment for housing starts from the date of use of the housing. Please do not take food from home for more than one week due to limited space in refrigerators.

    8. Transportation

      Sun-Power offers transportation to work to all employees living in Sun-Power housing, who do not possess private transportation. Depending on the distance between the location of residence and place of work a company car or bike is offered. Employees living privately can be offered Sun-Power transportation in exceptional cases. In that case a refundable deposit of € 100,- is deducted from the first/next payment.

      Employees are responsible for the assigned means of transport. More details are to be found in the transport regulations,  which one will receive at the time of assignment of the means of transport.

      Company cars are equipped with surveillance systems and geolocation, and may only be used on the route agreed with Sun-Power. Driving for private purposes is forbidden! Fines for speeding and other demeanors are to be paid by the assigned driver and will be deducted from the salary.

    9. Reimbursement of transportation costs

      Depending on the applicable CAO and the decision of Sun-Power, an employee may receive reimbursement of transportation costs made by private car. Employees with a company car are not entitled  to reimbursement of transportation costs.

    10. Pay slips

      Every Friday, the pay slip referring to the previous week is added to the flexportal. Because of the privacy law (AVG) we are not allowed anymore to send them by email. If you have no sign in details or your sign in doesn't work you can email to: In case of questions concerning the salary,  please contact the Sun-Power office  by email:


    11. End of the contract

      Before the contract expires Sun-Power will inform the employee about a possible prolongation of the contract. The employee may end the contract with Sun-Power according to the information included in the contract.

      Within six weeks  after the end date of the contract Sun-Power will pay all due benefits to the employee’s bank account. In January of the following  year Sun-Power sends  the annual financial statement (jaaropgave) per email.

    12. Work

      Sun-Power informs the employee PER E-MAIL at which client he/she is posted, what kind of work to perform, address of the client, the date and starting time of work, and other necessary information. It is important to check your e-mail each evening.

      The employee should always perform the duties conscientiously and with commitment. The employee should  abide the health and safety rules  and submit to the working instructions.

      Work comments can be given directly to the employee by a supervisor or by Sun-Power office staff. Sun-Power expects proper collegial behavior, cooperation and mutual respect for one another. If you experience any unusual situations at work, please inform the Sun-Power office.

    13. Days off

      Holidays or days off are requested via a holiday form. This form has to be approved by the client first. After that you bring it to the Sun-Power office. Sun-Power will check the form and inform the employee if the holidays or days off are approved. 

    14. Flexible working hours

      Sun-Power cannot guarantee the number of working days/hours due to the influence the weather has on agricultural work. We expect from employees to accept the fact that work is different per client and work location.

    15. Working clothes and shoes

      Because of health and safety regulations every employee is obliged to wear safety shoes at the work floor. If available, please take them along from home, otherwise they are available for sale at Sun-Power, costing € 18,50. Employees should provide their own work clothes. Only in special situations, for specific kind of work, the client or Sun-Power will provide these clothes as borrowed items.

    16. Visit to the doctor or dentist

      If you want to visit a doctor or dentist you can make an appointment at the Healthcare for Internationals Limburg. Available from Monday till Friday between 08:00 - 17:00. Phone number: 0031-77 782 09 20. Address: Professor Gelissensingel 20, 5912 JX Venlo.
      If you need help for transport and/or translation service you can ask if somebody is available. These facility cost will be € 30,-/hour.

    17. Exploitation, violence, discrimination

      We strive to ensure that our employees are safe and feel comfortable in the workplace and at the accommodation. We do not accept any form of discrimination, abuse or violence. If you witnessed or are a victim of unlawful behavior, please contact Sun-Power, so we can handle this matter with priority.